Difficult loans, the case of corporate loans – Business Loans

Difficult loans, the case of corporate loans – Business Loans

We offer help to our clients who, for the above-mentioned reasons, may have difficulty obtaining a loan. We advise clients who are forced to obtain a cash loan, but are entered in the National Register of Debtors. We are looking for solutions for contractors with no credit history.

As an intermediary, we negotiate credit terms individually. Difficult loans are our specialty. We strive to obtain financing even in unclear situations. We negotiate at every stage of cooperation to obtain a loan even in difficult and complicated matters. If you have additional questions, please contact us. Our consultants will be glad to dispel any doubts related to obtaining a loan.

Why is it worth working with us?

Doing business is not an easy matter. Even if we have a proven idea or action plan, we are not able to predict all the factors that we encounter while running the company. Good idea, constipation is only half the battle. What if we work 3 cities for one contractor and his company will be declared bankrupt.

Loss of financial liquidity for companies is a fairly common phenomenon. Temporary problems with the payers, with the obligation to pay taxes on time, payments to employees can lead to financial problems. It is important to anticipate possible problems well in advance. Banks offer working capital loans for companies , thanks to which even temporary problems make it easier to get out of the hole. A secure financial cushion will help you through the worst moments.

However, what if the entrepreneur is refused credit? Why are banks unable to finance companies in some situations? Do advisers and credit brokers working closely with banks have more options than we do? In the article we will try to present the most common reasons for refusing company loans and recommend overcoming these problems.

Difficult corporate loan due to lack or low income

Difficult corporate loan due to lack or low income

It is natural for the company to invest the earned funds. Investments lead to an increase in the cost of business, while a decrease in income. Most banks treat clients simply, calculating creditworthiness on the basis of income. The client, due to the considerable resources invested in the company’s development, unfortunately has too low income for the bank to agree to credit.

Banks are also able to treat the client as “income”. If the client has a poor income, a good adviser or credit broker justifies why this is the case. They describe the client’s actions, argue to what extent the investments will improve future income. Then, even with companies at a loss, banks agree to corporate loans.

Difficult company loan resulting from late payments to ZUS / US

Difficult company loan resulting from late payments to ZUS / US

Companies are relatively denied when the bank notices problems with payments to the Social Insurance Institution or the Tax Office. In the process of granting the loan, the bank may ask the customer to provide the last 3 or 6 confirmation of transfers to both institutions. If transfers are made late, this will be the reason for refusing to grant a loan to the company.

It all depends on the requirements of the banks. Some of them, as in the example above, will require historical transfers from the client, others will provide certificates of non-arrears. ZUS and US issue certificates of non-payment of contributions on 2-3 business days. Sometimes ZUS can issue such a document on the spot during one customer visit. There is running, however, for which not every entrepreneur can have time. What if the customer has an arrears in the payment of contributions to ZUS or Tax Office? The situation means that both institutions will not issue certificates of arrears. Then, the only solution will be to apply for a bank loan

If you have encountered a problem in the process of obtaining a company loan, please contact our company advisor. A professional broker will certainly find a way out of a difficult situation and provide credit to the company.

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